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What is Advanced Cupping

An advanced cupping therapy course like none other!

This course will teach you a host of variations and techniques in cupping therapy, providing you with a vast scope of practice and versatility with your cupping treatments. 

The Learning Programme will give you an exceptional skill set, with many cupping techniques to be used in your practice. Herbal cupping using bamboo and glass cups with specific therapeutic herbs, water cupping, ice cupping, advanced moxa cupping, sports rehabilitation, trigger point therapy, spinal release and muscle strengthening are  some techniques covered. Cupping therapy applied to conditions that require specific actions such as draining, tonifying, cooling, strengthening and even / balancing application. We will look at 4 zone cupping therapy and it's relevant application for conditions associated with each zone. This is a course like none other!

Using a combination of glass, bamboo, silicone, screw top cups for various techniques.

Pre requisites 

We will be covering some techniques using the bamboo and glass cups, as this is an advanced cupping course  learners must be qualified in fire cupping prior to attending this course.

If you wish to train in this course and do not hold the relevant pre requisite (fire cupping) qualification, please get in touch with us and we can get you trained in the fire cupping course.

20 Credits Awarded

During the Course you will learn:

  • The concept of Qi, Yin and Yang, acupoints and meridian philosophy
  • Utilizing cupping  for constitutional disturbances, external pathogens,  sports rehabilitation, mobility, trigger point therapy and musco skeletal conditions.
  • Herbal cupping, preparing herbs for specific conditions 
  • Safe herbs, the effects and how to use with cupping 
  • Contra indications related to each technique 
  • Safety & best practices for each technique
  • Affects and benefits of each technique
  • Effective acupressure points for  cupping 
  • Assessment and Treatment
  • Practical application & procedures

Assessment Process

Multi choice exam 

Practical assessment

Learners will be continuously assessed throughout the practical to ensure correct and safe technique application is achieved.

Upon Completion

Hold an impressive skill to use as a stand alone treatment or incorporate into existing therapies & practice.

Offer your clients a unique & highly effective therapy treatment.

Course investment £595 Interest FREE instalment options available

1 day practical attendance required 

To enrol on this course contact (0)+44 1274 736 261