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What is Arabic Sugaring

An all natural method of hair removal, a centuries old technique. 

Highly popular in Dubai and other countries!

Using a paste made only from only natural ingredients, the technique is much more gentle that conventional waxing, the paste only adheres to the hair and not the skin, a 2 in 1 treatment, not only  does it remove hair but also exfoliates, revealing soft, glowing skin straight away.

The paste wraps around the follicle and  over time the hair becomes thinner with less frequent treatments needed, this can be achieved over a small space of time. Treatments are required every 4 to 6 weeks and then less frequently.

This is a great treatment to add to your practice or to offer as a stand alone, a popular treatment with therapists in demand. 

10 Credits Awarded

During the course you will learn:

  •  Understanding the hair cycle
  • Contra indications
  • After care advice
  • Health & safety
  • How to prepare the paste and equipment needed
  • Correct use of paste
  • How to prepare client for treatments
  • Step by step guide on the technique and correct application
  • Removing hair on the different areas of the body and face
  • Best practices, code of ethics and much more

Assessment Process

Learners will be continuously assessed throughout the practical to assess practical skills & ensure correct & safe technique is achieved.

A short multi choice exam

Upon Completion

Hold an impressive skill to use as a stand alone treatment or incorporate into existing therapies & practice.

Offer your clients a unique & highly effective therapy treatment.

Course investment £375 Interest FREE instalments option available

1 day practical attendance required

To enrol on this course contact (0)+44 1274 736 261