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The demand in natural health is growing!

Career options available in natural health and alternative medicine are vast and Holistic Practice is a great career option, choosing a holistic career path; provides you with  a  range of versatile options.

You may simply be looking for a career change, something which is more fulfilling and enriching. You may want to help others and looking for a profession; which allows you to do so, or you may have experienced first hand the wonders of natural medicine during a life changing experience.            

Quality of life 

Are you thinking of a career that is enriching and gives back to society?

Do something that will allow you to earn a healthy income; whilst following your calling and passion in helping others?  

You can rest assured a career as a Holistic Practitioner can be fulfilling and life enhancing for you, your loved ones and the community.  

A perfect fit

A career as a holistic practitioner is perfect for those who want to work with people, are passionate and believe in natural medicine. There are many that wish to start a career in natural health but don't know where to start. Choosing to study with us will be the first step towards achieving that goal. This route will undoubtedly lead to a transformation in your life and our successful students are proof of this. We will support you from start to finish and beyond, not only hone your skill set but also guide you with business advice and coaching, effective communication skills and a tried and tested marketing strategy. We will ensure once you have graduated and completed your learning journey; you can actively put into practice all that you have learnt and build a successful career of your own.  

Flexible career

A career in natural health gives you the flexibility of managing your practice around your family  and commitments. A balance between work and family is a possibility; when choosing a career as a holistic practitioner. You have the choice of deciding the hours you want to work.

We find our students continue to grow their practice with further services and therapies, propelling their career onto exciting paths and further enhancement. You also have the choice of how you want to practice, this can be providing a mobile service, working from home,  setting up a high street practice or all three! you can also work in a established clinic as the demand for holistic practitioners is high. Spa, leisure centre, health food shop and GP surgeries yes! GP surgeries these are all options available to you. Did you know most GP surgeries also practice private care?  

Your time is now​​​​​​

Market research shows the alternative medicine sector has not only seen a growth over the past years but will continue to grow exponentially; over the coming years. We think this is the perfect time to establish your self as a holistic practitioner, the general public looking for alternative methods of healing  is on the rise and you can be a  part of meeting this growing demand.   

Complementary & Alternative Medicine Market, by intervention, 2013 - 2025 (USD Billion)