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What is Hijama

Hijama (Wet Cupping) is an ancient, holistic therapy, fully utilized and encouraged within many cultures. It is one of the most effective methods of releasing toxins from the body’s tissues and organs. Hijama is a safe, non-invasive technique that facilitates a natural detoxification & self healing process. Hijama treatment is carried out on various points on the body; depending on the nature of the disturbance - illness, using sterile disposable cups. The areas cupped undergo a skin scarification process using a sterile disposable blade, metabolic waste, interstitial fluid are then accumulated in the cup & disposed of. After treatment one can feel lightness in the body, improved concentration & better mental clarity, aches & pains diminished or removed, better sleep and increased energy levels.

The HCP Advanced Level 5 Diploma is a highly detailed learning programme to ensure you do not have any gaps in your knowledge and you are able to understand how to put together & implement  treatment plans for a vast array of disorders, the course has been written by our University Lecturers, Doctor, Surgeon and Hijama Practitioners, in a method which makes it easy for learners to study & retain knowledge; acquired from the course. The course is compiled in a method and structured in an easy to understand systematic  flow, this ensures learners that have not studied at university level or less are able to study & achieve the diploma.

 We offer 4 days of OSCE’s  - Practical Teaching

We want to make sure upon graduation you are fully competent, our aim is to ensure you are confident in carrying out hijama therapy, we feel 1, 2 or 3 days of practical attendance is not enough, we have high standards & high expectations. We  offer you a very different and highly rigorous learning programme; to ensure our learners are highly trained, highly skilled and highly competent individuals.

Hands on Practice

Our practical teaching days are dedicated to our students creating a portfolio of hands on practice, experience of physically carrying out the treatment of Hijama therapy and the different variations of cupping therapy; in a clinical environment and under the full guidance of expert teachers.

If for some reason you are unable to attend practical teaching days you can check which other training dates are available and confirm, you can attend without any additional costs.

Hijama Practitioner Advanced Level 5 Diploma, a unique learning programme put together by Doctor, Surgeon, University Lecturers in Medicine, Pharmacy , University Internal Verifiers and highly experienced Hijama Practitioners. 

42 Credits Awarded

The course breakdown is as follows:

420 total learning hours.  Approx 4 to 6 months of theory and practical work combined.

  • Step 1 Study theory material
  • Step 2 Attend 2 practical attendance days (OSCE's)
  • Step 3 Case studies
  • Step 4 Final 2 Practical attendance days (OSCE's) and exam 
  • Unit 1 Introduction to hijama, physiological effects and benefits, history
  • Unit 2 Hijama treatment Process and application, clinical research, effects & benefits further study
  • Unit 3 Detailed Analysis of Cupping Zones, sunnah points & Landmarks  Student Handbook
  • Unit 4 Anatomy & Physiology Student Handbook
  • Unit 5 Pathology & cupping points targeting various Illnesses
  • Unit 6 Best practices, health, hygiene & safety procedures
  • Unit 7 Patient consultation, assessment & treatment plan (CAT)
  • Unit 8 Code of Ethics
  • Unit 9 The Setting up of your Practice

Learners are assessed on the following:
6 Case studies
Final Practical Exam (OSCE)
MC's  and LAQ's written synoptic exam
Practical teaching days
We will regularly list our practical days & Examination days please visit training dates page for listings.
Learners  must confirm their attendance, for the benefit of our learners we train in small groups  & there are limited spaces.

Practical attendance days usually run from 10am to 5pm learners will be emailed address and full details once enrolment is processed.

Course investment £1200  Interest FREE instalment options available

4 days of practical attendance required  (see breakdown above)

To enrol on this diploma contact (0)+44 1274 736 261