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what is Naturopathy 

Naturopathy involves applying knowledge of diet, exercise, hydrotherapy, herbs, supplements, and bodywork using natural principles of cure in order to promote wellness. It is multi - factorial in its approach, taking a lengthwise slice of the cake rather than individual pieces. This gives you a strong grounding as a therapist, and confidence in dealing flexibly with the tide of syndromic chronic diseases we face today. From the tools we give you, you will learn there is always a natural way to support a client, whether they are receiving orthodox medical care or not.

Naturopaths combine therapies as diverse as nutrition, fasting, hydrotherapy, massage, bodywork, gentle exercises, acupressure, flower remedies, tissue salts, and herbs to provoke the self healing mechanisms of the body. 

Naturopathic examination is non-invasive and includes constitutional typologies, iridology (examining the iris), face, tongue, pulse and nail analysis, hair mineral analysis and using reflex pressure points to evaluate organ function.

Naturopathy is therefore a discipline that promotes wellness, rather than focusing on disease. Naturopathy can work safely alongside orthodox medicine and can be tailored to match your underlying state of health so you can transition at your own pace to a healthier, more positive you.

A Naturopathic Practitioner Advanced Level 5 Diploma like none another, put together by Naturopathic Doctor and University Lecturers. 

A unique learning programme, nutrition, TCM, ayuverda, tibb, diagnostic tools, bodywork, herbalism,  tai chi, qi qong, constitutional typology and much more covered in this University level Diploma.

Graduates may request a certificate from the IAHP titled Naturopathic Practitioner or Hakim, Hakimah (Dip.ND) on the membership certificate

60 Credits Awarded

Entry requirements

Learners must hold minimum level 3 Anatomy & physiology Diploma and Pathology, this can be studied along side the Naturopathy diploma. we are affiliated with the ETS who provide an excellent online A&P qualification. You can view the Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathology courses under the affiliates section of the website. 

Course Break Down

You can see the course breakdown for the Diploma, the practical teaching (5 consecutive days) are compulsory attendance for all learners. Students will be expected to have completed to unit 10 prior to attending practical teaching week. The modules are highly detailed and comprehensive, to provide you with an indication of material covered, you can see some of what each module consists of.

  • MODULE 1 Naturopathic Theory - (naturopathic traditions, wellness and disease, vis medicatrix naturea)
  • MODULE 2 Constitutional Typologies - (biochemical individuality, constitutional typing, tongue, face, iris, pulse, nails, skin signs)
  • MODULE 3 Dietary Principles - macro nutrients/micro nutrients, therapeutic diets, detoxification
  • MODULE 4 Dietary Practice - liver, bowel and kidney cleanses, food reactivity and leaking gut, digestive wellness program – 5R’s
  • MODULE 5 Naturopathic Remedies - aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, homeopathic first aid
  • MODULE 6 Exercise and Body Work - Qigong and T’ai Chi, bodywork therapies, 10 magic acupressure points, hopi ear candling
  • MODULE 7 Hydrotherapy - castor oil packs, cryotherapy, herbal and mineral wraps/packs
  • MODULE 8 Emotional Well being - positive visualisation, meditation, mindfulness
  • MODULE 9 Naturopathic Diagnostics - blood typing, skin prick blood testing, kinesiology, iridology
  • MODULE 10 Naturopathic Practice - consultations, red flags and contra indications, safety and scope of practice
  • MODULE 11 Applied Naturopathy - case studies (arthritis, asthma, heart disease, cancer support, IBS, gynecological, pharmaceutical addiction/pain
  • MODULE 12 - Naturopathic principles of practice, medical jurisprudence, professional conduct, code of ethics, self reflective practice, continuing professional development

Practical attendance days

Students are required to attend a highly interactive 5 days (Mon to Fri) practical teaching week, final day will be exam and the practical days can be attended upon start of Module 11. These 5 days will cover a hands on approach; to all that you have learnt, and application of knowledge and techniques in a clinical setting under the guidance of Naturopathic Doctor and Tutor.

Assessment process

Learners will be assessed on:

  • End of unit assessments
  • End of unit mini exam
  • OSCE's - practical teaching week
  • Case studies
  • Summative exam

Course investment £2,695 Interest FREE instalment options available 

5 days practical attendance required 

To enrol on this Diploma contact  (0)+44 1274 736261