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What is Reflexology

Reflexology is an extremely effective form of massage, relating to the ‘reflex points’ on the sole of the foot. These points correspond to the organs and systems in the body, and are linked to those organs through ‘energy channels’, ‘zones’. When illness or imbalance occurs, the corresponding ‘energy channels’ become blocked. Reflexology Massage aims to remove these blocks, thus allowing the energy to flow freely again. Reflexology will reduce stress and tension in the individual, improve circulation and cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. It is also renowned for revitalizing the energy, and is often used as preventative healthcare. In other words, this enjoyable therapy will help to balance the whole system.

Reflexology and hot stone therapy!

Reflexology  combined with hot stones  delivers a much more powerful treatment and further enhances relaxation. An opportunity to add a bespoke technique to your reflexology practice,  The added hot stone placement on zones and stoking techniques will give your client a truly unique reflexology experience!

Level 4 

30 Credits Awarded 

During the course you will learn:

  • Origins and history of reflexology
  • relevant Anatomy to reflexology
  • Contra indications
  • Assessment of the feet
  • Common problems with the feet
  • Zones of the body located on the feet
  • Reflex pathways and connections
  • Consultation and preparing a treatment plan
  • Studying the charts
  • Reading the feet
  • Pre treatment prep
  • Step by step guide & routine
  • Adding hot stones and other tools to the treatment
  • Technique exercises and practice
  • Techniques of applying different levels of pressure pressure
  • Finishing the treatment
  • Looking at diseases, the relevant zones, and treatment application
  • Post treatment care & advise
  • Health and safety
  • Best Practices and code of ethics & much more…

Entry requirements

Learners must hold minimum level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Diploma, this can be studied along side the course.

Please visit the affiliations section of the website to view these courses.

Assessment process

Learners will be continuously assessed throughout the practical to ensure correct and safe technique is achieved.

End of unit assessments

5 case studies to be submitted

1 multi choice exam

Upon Completion

Hold an impressive skill to use as a stand alone treatment or incorporate into existing therapies and practice.

Offer your clients a unique & highly effective therapy treatment.

Course investment £695 interest FREE instalment options available  

2 days of practical attendance required

To enrol on this course contact (0)+44 1274 736 261